Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Holidays

Despite good intentions, our regular homeschooling schedule came crashing to a halt this week.  In need of some serious "down time", we've spent a couple of days in our pyjamas baking up a storm and preparing for Christmas.

Doing some colouring....

and a little bit of Science (?!!!!?).

Choir Christmas Concert

Bekah and Matt had the privilege of being part of the Surrey Homeschool choir this fall.  Here are a couple of highlights from their recent performances.

Bekah also had a solo singing part but I'm having technical difficulties with the video of her.  Stay tuned!

A Starry Night in Cloverdale

We finally finished our 24-panel pastel rendition of Starry Night and it is currently hanging proudly in the Giesbrecht's dining room.  Another fantastic Stokes and Giesbrecht collaboration!

Singing About Art

This is a fantastic cd our friend, Mrs Giesbrecht, gave us to listen to.  It is a collection of songs about famous artists and their work.  Our favourites are "Renaissance Man", "One of a Kind" and "Into The Green".

Field Trip to City Centre Library in Surrey

After a quick trip to the Passport Office we had some time to visit
the new library in Whalley.  What a fun place to visit!

They have very cool chairs to sit in.

And, of course, great books to read.

Some of Matt's treasures (!).

And some of Bekah's choices.

A Christmas Cutie by Matt!

The Great Weather Challenge!

We just participated in the Great Weather Challenge (!) to wrap-up our weather unit with the Giesbrechts. 
With Mrs. G as moderator,

there was discussion and collaboration about each question
(only one lifeline available!).

Thankfully, everyone knew their stuff ...

and, working as a team, they finished victoriously! 

Their reward?  Certificates and a field trip to the Great Escape.