Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fun Moments

Today, in the midst of the usual flurry of activity, we had some fun. Matt made an art project out of his otherwise boring spelling review and Bekah played a fraction game (the person with the most tiles at the end won).

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

From Sea to Sea

Last week we were finishing up our discussion on the War of 1812 during SS co-op and Levi challenged the group to see if anyone knew what Canada's motto was.  No one did and so this led to an intense, impromptu game of Hangman.  Fortunately, the man was saved but it was a close call (Dane suggested that we really should have been using all 206 bones in the body so that we would have been "totally" covered!).


Using simple ingredients (onion, dish soap, salt and rubbing alcohol) we were able to see an onion's DNA (the white, stringy stuff in the picture).  Cool!


Our challenge: to open and shut our fists as many times as possible in one minute.  We got pretty tired!
Did you know it takes 34 muscles to frown (really frown)
but only 13 muscles to smile?!!!
Some easy visual cues to remember the three types of muscle: cardiac (heart), skeletal (bone) and smooth (like the paper).


As part of our science unit on the human body we played with some chicken bones (trying to break one in half).
Then we spent some time creating "Mr Bony Bones".  He didn't have 206 bones like we do but he looked pretty good by the end.
We also split into teams and labelled our "models" with the names of most of the major bones in our body.  They were very patient with all of the stickiness!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Romeo & Juliet

Matthew is enjoying reading Usborne's "Romeo & Juliet".  The dialogue provides ample opportunities for him to practice reading with expression (I usually hear the dialogue twice - first in a normal tone and then a second time with exaggerated expression!).


Matt was inspired to make me a new egg beater when our old one bit the dust the other day!
Bekah had some special time sewing with her Nana recently (Sarah was great with the pins).
She ended up with a fabulous cape - a terrific costume for imaginative adventures & journeys
(and also a warm, cozy friend on a cold day).

All About Me

We've been working on an "All About Me" project where the kids brainstormed a bunch of words to describe their physical appearances, personalities, abilities, aspirations and hobbies.  They then choose how to "print" out their favourite words and glue them onto a cut-out tracing of themselves.
Matt decided to place his words on the part of his body that was most applicable (i.e. playing soccer with his legs).  I love the pose!
Sarah loves bacon so she decided to print it right by her belly button
(where she figures her stomach is).
I love Bekah's choice to use the word "sparkly" -
fits her to a "T".

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things we were thankful for this past weekend:
Good food, our cozy little cabin and family :-)
New, special friends.
Sunny weather and our tree fort.