Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Getting to the heart of the matter!

We finished our unit on the human body and saved the cow's heart until the very end. I think we saved the best for last but most of the kids would think otherwise (you'll notice some of the co-op kids are not in the picture!).

Big Math

Multiplication charts are a lot more fun when they are life size!

Medieval Catapult

Matthew is very clever at putting together things and thankfully he is good at following the instructions!

Clay Art

A fun co-op afternoon fashioning Christmas decorations out of clay.

Christmas Moments

This Christmas we were blessed with many things: special letters from each other, art, snowmen (!), carefully wrapped gifts, making Wise Men and daydreaming through the window.

Our family also participated in a Nativity play.  Bekah was the very enthusiastic narrator (she moved so much I couldn't get a clear picture), Sarah and Matt were royal Wise Men and Daddy was the dominating King Herod (complete with baby rattle).

War of 1812 Field Trip

In November our co-op families studied the War of 1812 and in December we were thrilled to go downtown to visit the 200th Anniversary Experience at Canada Place. 
Of course, we stopped at Granville Island first to play, eat and explore.

The Christmas flowers were magnificent!

The Anniversary Experience started out on the boardwalk at Canada Place and then continued inside with a multi-media presentation, artifacts and interactive displays.

Be sure to look carefully at Laura Secord's "face"!

We then finished things off with some Christmas pictures.

Canadian History Timeline: From Vikings to Confederation

We wrapped up our unit study of Canadian History (using Donna Ward's "Courage & Conquest") by making a very long timeline. 
What a great way to review our unit.