Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Bekah has started writing a daily edition of "Bekah's Breaking News".  Each edition (composed, typed and edited - well, sometimes edited - by Bekah) is a delightful collection of short articles about various topics (hockey is a current one these days).  Here are a few of my favourite editorials so far (typed exactly as originally published):

~Baby VS crocodile~

At church yesterday a baby named Isaih was shootin hard at a croc that said honk when you squeezed him.  It was quite a battle until finally ........ the crocodile surrendered, and the baby decided to do something else.

~Dirty .....~

Daddy left the grittle (griddle) all dirty!!!! :( And now Mama has to clean it all up.  :(  (Please don't hold this against Dada as it really probably wasn't his fault.)


I predict that the Canucks will win the game!! What do you think??  Sadly I won't be watching it because I have a dance recital (which you will be reading about soon).

~You're Beautiful~
An original song

When I saw your face
It was like an ocean wave, blue and clear.
Yes, when I see your face
It was like a flower that just came out.

You're beautiful (1X)
Yes, you're beautiful (2X)
   to me!!

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