Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Early Morning Sweetness

I came out this morning to find the kids huddled around the computer choosing animals to give to families this Christmas via World Vision.  They were given $100 from family to "spend" and this is the email Bekah wrote summarizing their choices:

Dear Auntie,

We have decided that we are going to get a goat that is 100 dollars and 2 chickens and a rooster that are 50 dollars. Me and Matt are paying for the chickens and rooster and we will bring the money after Christmas. Would you please order all of these animals for us? Thank you for the goat! Merry Christmas!

Love Bekah, Matt and Sarah J

The kids then scurried off to get their piggy banks (with Bekah also making a quick trip to the kitchen requesting $20 of her birthday money she was just given) and then came back, beaming, clutching $50 to pay for the chickens and rooster.

There were lots of math calculations going on while choices were made about what to "buy" but that seemed very secondary compared to the thrill of watching your kids excited about giving away their own money. Daddy and I had nothing to do with their decisions; we just stood back and watched.  What a delightful way to start the day.

Here is the envelope for Auntie (with the $50 in it):


  1. That is soooo sweet!!! What dear hearts they are!

  2. Well this is amazing. Praise God for stewardship that comes from the heart of babes:) Bless you Bekah and Matt