Tuesday, 4 September 2012

First Day Back to School

We had a delightful start to our school year today.  I handed out index cards to the kids and asked them to write a word on each one (it could be any word they wanted).  We then combined all of our words (making only a few additions) to create silly, short ditties.  These ones are:

Maple tree
Amazing pop of silver
No lack of sophisticated sap

Deer appear anonymously
Whacking the sack on the little bee's back
While on the awesome apple automobile

Bekah was amazed that she can remember the 8 times tables during multiplication memory!

Apple tree flowers
Leaf leaves purple pile
Jumping higher than the
for fun
at school

Matt & Sarah enjoying a game of "Go Fish".

Matt was amazing today at helping Sarah with her work (here he is helping her print out her words on the index cards). 
We also took some time this morning to start reading aloud some exciting new books (along with 1 Samuel in the bible).

Taking a break to play with our new kitties.

Ending our day with Poetry Teatime
(complete with poetry books, lemonade, and a stack of cinnamon toast).

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