Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Playing with Poetry

This past month we had the privilege of participating in Bravewriter's online course "Playing with Poetry".  During the class we analyzed the structure and meaning of free verse and conventional poetry.  We also explored writing all sorts of poems: shape & concrete, acrostic (a favourite!), cinquains, haiku & tankas, and couplets, tercets & quatrains. The most challenging part of the class was definitely writing the Japanese style of poetry.  What was amazing, however, was the phenomenal feedback the kids got on these poems from their instructor!
The Crocus
Haiku by Matt
Sweet smelling trumpet
Painted with purple and white
Announcing springtime
This is tremendous, Matt!! Beautifully done!! :) It's the loveliest haiku I've seen in quite a while!! I may be sending it to Ms. Julie for the Brave Writer Showcase!! :)
Spring Sun
Haiku by Bekah
Vast, warm, yellow ball
Revealing hidden treasure
Bringing life to all
Good haiku here, Bekah!! :) I really like the idea of the sun "Revealing hidden treasure." Nicely done!! :)
Excellent work, both of you!! :)
A Tanka by Matt inspired by this photograph:
The Dance
Dancing feathered mates
Feet tapping to the rhythm
Of their love chorus --
Pink, wrinkled water gently
Compelling them together.
Matt, this is an incredible tanka poem!!!! The imagery is so strong--it's absolutely amazing!!!! :D The action here is wonderful--"Dancing," "tapping," "Compelling"--such powerful and evocative verbs!!! And the image "Feet tapping to the rhythm/ Of their love chorus" is absolutely spellbinding!! WOW!! This one is going to Ms. Julie for the Brave Writer Showcase, Matt!! The best tanka I've seen in a very long time!!! Exquisite work!!!! Bravo!!!! <applause>

A Tanka by Bekah inspired by this photograph:

Birch Trees
Tranquil-looking glass 
reflecting tall timbers. --nice alliteration, and great verb choice of "reflecting"!!
Resplendent, royal --love your alliteration here, too!! :)
forest grandly surrounding - --"grandly" is such a perfect word!!
enfolding treasure within. --nice ending!! :)
Bekah, this is a lovely tanka!! The alliteration is such a wonderful touch, and your word choices are sublime!! Your use of words beginning with "r" and "t" in the first three lines is brilliant!! :) The word choices of "Resplendent" and "royal" along with "grandly" sets such a lovely tone of stateliness for the trees--simply incredible!! Beautifully done, Bekah!! I'm so proud of you!! Bravo!! <applause>

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  1. Beautiful poetry Bekah and Matt. I just wish they had been entered into our poetry competition. You guys would have won awards!! Keep up the awesome poetry writing!!