Monday, 3 June 2013

Centennial Museum (Fort Langley)

As part of our unit on BC's natural resources we took a field trip to Fort Langley's Centennial Museum.  During the two-hour program we had a guided tour of the museum where we learnt about the importance of resource industries (i.e. fur, forestry, fisheries, water) in the development of early British Columbia.
From there, we had the opportunity to design our own pieces of art (Salmon labels) using historical BC marketing symbols. Salmon (catching and processing) was a huge industry historically for BC and, due to the significant numbers of competing companies, the labelling of the cans became very important for business. 
Using original images and fonts, the kids designed their own salmon labels (transferred the images to their label, outlined with Sharpie markers and then used watercolour pencil crayons for colour).
Here are the kids' final salmon labels
(Bekah's is on top, Sarah's is in the middle, and Matthew's is on the bottom):

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