Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Apple Store

Yesterday we went to the Apple Store in Metrotown and we unanimously voted it as our very favourite field trip this year (maybe ever).
The Apple staff greeted us with free t-shirts and ear buds. 
They then guided us through the creation of our own movie trailers.
Working hard at directing, producing, writing and acting in our trailers. The kids were each given their own Ipad to use and were allowed to go all over the store during filming (running was even allowed!).
Thrilled with our accomplishments.
 Sarah's Trailer:
Matt's Trailer (made with Dane):
 Bekah's Trailer:
Coming soon to a theater near you!

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  1. Oh I just love the trailers guys!! Wow Apple field trip sounds amazing!!!!! I am going to see if I can have a virtual field trip for our students!! Thanks for sharing your trailers and fun learning to be movie makers!