Monday, 11 November 2013

Lest We Forget

Thanks to this idea at (thanks, Mrs Davies, for the link!) we worked on some mixed media poppy art this past week. 
We created some paper poppies using some really cool handmade paper from Mrs. G's stash.  We then created sheets of textured green paper by painting a piece of cardstock, layering green tissue paper on top, and then painting over the layers with more green paint.  My favourite part though was when we put saran wrap on top of wet black paint to create a cool backdrop for our poppies.
The kids loved the next part when they had to weave a poppy for their project (they loved the weaving so much we are going to do another weaving project for Christmas!).
We then had the fun task of working on our final compositions - cutting out stems from our textured green paper and placing the poppies just so on the black background.
Bekah's art:
Matthew's art:
Sarah's art:

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