Friday, 14 March 2014

Africa party

To wrap-up our unit on Africa we had a party.  Here the kids are wearing the traditional African necklaces (painted) and tunics (stamped with traditional African symbols) they made.
Mrs Giesbrecht joined in on the fun and wore her African beads.
We spent the afternoon celebrating in African and Canadian style.  Here the kids are playing the African game of Mancala (the Canadian hockey game was played outdoors later on).
Levi took on the challenge to cook the African appetizer "Chin Chin"- deep fried pastry morsels.
The kids compared the Chin Chin with the Canadian appetizer/snack "Nuts & Bolts".  The vote for best appetizer ended up in a tie.
Matt was in charge of the Canadian dessert (Rice Krispies) and the girls made a Caesar salad (In the book "Ryan & Jimmy And the well in Africa That Brought Them Together" Jimmy's first experience with salad confused him as he thought he was eating grass.  The kids thought this was funny so wanted to include salad in our party lunch).
Our African/Canadian party ended with a feast of Chin Chin, Nuts & Bolts, Caesar salad and ..... pizza!

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  1. Wow what a feast and grand way to end your journey of learning on Africa! Mmm the food looked good!