Monday, 19 May 2014

Matt is 10!

For Matt's tenth birthday we did a "Tough Mudder - Stokes' Style" party on our property.  Guests were assigned to one of two teams upon their arrival and then created a team flag to proudly carry throughout the event.  After warming up with their new team mates they proceeded to the various stations throughout the property.
Matt's team: The Creepers
Proudly carrying their flag
"The Water Dash" -
working with a partner to carry water over treacherous terrain
"Frozen" -
singing "Happy Birthday" (or various renditions) while standing in icy water
 "The Log Dash" (in the background)-
balancing on a precariously positioned log
Settling on a strategy for the next challenge
"Creepy Crawly" -
manoeuvring underneath a sheet of plastic from one end
to the other without being detected

After these stations followed by "Don't Whine, Just Climb" (climbing wall), "Rope Dash" (running the course connected to your partner with a rope), and "Slippery Slope" (carrying your team's flag up a slippery slope) it was time for refreshments and presents.  Happy Birthday, Matthew!

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