Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Creative Afternoon

On the weekend we had one of those lovely, leisurely kinds of days.  The kind when the sun is shining (finally!), the kids are all getting along, we all slept in and, to top it off, some creative projects happened.  It all started when I lugged out the sewing machine to finally make some duvet covers for the kids.  Before I knew it Bekah was at the sewing machine doing a project from her new book:

Hard at work

The product of her labours (a book bag for her little sister)

Meanwhile, Matthew had other plans.

He combined two different kits and ended up putting together a circuit which made a horn blow and then another one to make a fan turn on.

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  1. The Stokes kids are hands on kids when it comes to having fun with machines. Fantastic skills all round:) Blessings Mrs D