Tuesday, 14 June 2011


We recently became part of a rescue mission to save some tadpoles when their home (a fountain in a housing complex) was being emptied. 

Matt made a new home for them to live in.

And then we got busy reading,

learning about the life cycle of frogs,

and comparing amphibians with reptiles. 

Matt's work:

 Bekah's work:

Amazingly, the tadpoles soon began to grow little back and front legs

and now they've almost lost their tails.

Here's what Matt thinks they are going to look like:

Bekah couldn't resist colouring a more "lady-like" version!

We're still not sure what kind of frogs we have but we know we are going to have to find them a permanent home that is more suitable than the lettuce box on top of our kitchen counter!  They are currently enjoying the change in diet from frozen lettuce (tadpole food) to frozen blood worms (yuck!).

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  1. Lovely frog study guys:) I love the drawings and hands on learning! Blessings Mrs D