Monday, 12 November 2012

Salmon Forest

The past couple of weeks we've had the incredible privilege of watching the salmon in the stream on our property.  Today while we were out there wasn't much action compared to the past few days so the salmon must be getting close to finishing their journey upstream.
Before heading out today we read the beautiful book "Salmon Forest" by David Suzuki.  It is the story of the food chain that salmon play a role in.  The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and the book is worth reading just for the paintings!  This picture of the bear also hits close to home right now as we went out today to find our garbage strewn all over the forest floor.  As our littlest, Sarah, remarked, "The bear is coming to the stream for the salmon and got interested in our garbage!"

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  1. Wonderful nature at your front door Lisa!! You are blessed:)