Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Digestive System

Yesterday we had fun finding objects around the house to create a model of our digestive system.  Starting at the top of the picture we have the mouth (The bandanna that is supposed to be in the shape of a mouth.  We tried to find Levi's fake teeth but they were missing in action!  Thankfully his real teeth were intact and in place.) and saliva (spray bottle).  Connected to the mouth is the esophagus (wind tube) that leads to the stomach (striped bag) which then attaches to the small intestine (extension cord expertly twisted up by Dane!) and then finally the large intestine (black belt).  Matt didn't want to include the "unmentionable" at the end of the large intestine.  Not exactly the most orthodox model but the kids can all explain where food goes after you swallow it. 
After exploring what the digestive system looks like we did an experiment to see how vinegar (hydrochloric acid) speeds up the digestive process.  Dane set everyone up with eye protection and then we were off (the blurry parts of the picture are when the container was being violently shaken).

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  1. Cool learning guys! Great hands on version of the digestive system!