Sunday, 26 May 2013

Survival Birthday Party

We finally celebrated Matthew's ninth birthday with the promised outdoor survival party.  We started the adventure with a treasure hunt (using compasses and clues the teams had to locate different spots and were rewarded with a treasure to share at the end of the hunt).
The teams also went on a scavenger hunt, taking pictures of required items on their lists (sometimes the teams used some creativity in locating the items like the "butterfly" below!).
The kids used their treasure (tickets) to purchase items ("snakes", "whistles", "forest berries", "sticks", and "fish bait") from the tuck shop.  This turned out to be a very cool way to experience budgeting (it took some of them a long time to decide how to spend their 25 tickets).
Paul showed the kids how to build a real fire and then Matthew shared a more delicious kind of campfire with everyone. 
Matt is already planning next year's adventure!

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