Wednesday, 30 May 2012


We ended off our school year with a fabulous First Nations Potlatch at our new property in Langley.  Everyone dressed up in the various items we made throughout the year (headdresses, bead necklaces, tomahawks, etc).  The kids had also drawn names to determine who they would make a gift for.........

Dane made Bekah a beautiful, bead bracelet and, in return, Bekah made him a vibrant belt/arm band (worn proudly over his shoulder in the picture).  I'm not sure why it looks like Bekah is 'knighting' Dane in the picture :-)

Here Micah is enjoying the owl (one of her faves) picture Sarah had carefully selected and coloured for her.

Matt and Levi are overjoyed with their gifts
(special notes/pictures from Levi and a carved totem pole from Matthew).

We cheated significantly on lunch - our original plan was to make authentic food for lunch (salmon, berries and corn) but the pizza and cupcakes
were too tempting!

Such cuteness and ferociousness all wrapped up in 6 amazing packages!


  1. The pictures are so AWESOME!!!!
    That was such a fun day!!!
    You are right - cute and fierce can go together!!

  2. I agree! Lovely Potlatch photographs to end a successful year of Co-Op. Well done mums and kids! Awesome is an understatement!