Saturday, 19 May 2012

Totem Pole

During our last session of our year-long First Nations unit we created our own totem pole in the style of the Natives of the Pacific West Coast.  Each kid chose a symbol that represented something from our unit study for their section (box) of the totem pole.
Levi immediately went for the Ipad to find a specific image of a bird he wanted to do and then got right down to work.  Matt took a little bit longer to decide what to do but then created an original canoe with vivid salmon images on it. 
Our bird-lover, Dane, found an image of an eagle that he loved in one of the books and set about reproducing it on his box.  Bekah knew that she wanted to do salmon and, after looking at some different images online, came up with her own depiction.
The proud artists!  I love how they all used the vivid colours and bold lines so typical of First Nations art (top box - Matt's canoe, 2nd from top - Levi's bird with First Nations design, 3rd from top - Dane's eagle, bottom box - Bekah's salmon).


  1. Beautiful First Nations art work GiesSTokes friends:)

  2. Great pictures!!!! They did such a good job!!!