Tuesday, 1 May 2012

"Seeing" Sound

Big Idea #1: Sound is produced when objects vibrate.
Discovering that sound moves in waves by watching a candle flame flicker when the can is banged, Rice Krispies "jump" in time with the music and a soap film bubble move with music.

Big Idea #2: Sound is also produced when gas expands rapidly.
Inflated paper bags and baking soda mixed with vinegar both produce big bangs (rubbing the rim of a wine glass can also produce an annoying sound).

Big Idea #3: We use our ears to hear sound.
Dane drew the outer ear which he then attached to two chairs as the "doorway".  This led through the auditory chamber (blue blanket) through the eardrum (pantyhose) into the middle ear: the hammer, anvil and stirrup (hammer, pie plate and slingshot).

The cochlea (seashell filled with water) then led to the auditory nerve (extension cord).  Sarah and Micah then concluded our journey through the ear with some (random!) drawing.  Who could have guessed we'd have such an exciting adventure under the kitchen table?!!!

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